I’ve always had a love affair with home decor. I really enjoy taking a boring space and turning it into something full of life. So naturally when my husband and I purchased our Orange County home a few years back, I was excited to revamp our new place.

I am a huge fan of wainscoting, as is my husband, so we covered many walls in our home with this chic white wood design. One of my favorite examples of this in our home is in our stair well. I added a dramatic 6 foot crystal chandelier for some added glam.

The girls rooms are designed after each of their unique personalities. Sophia (age 5 ) and Juliet (Age 3) have intricate paint work, wainscoting and specialty closet designs in their rooms. I give details on my design inspiration for my kiddos rooms in my Child’s Play post.

My favorite room in the house is the master bedroom. It was my goal to create a space that felt luxurious, comfortable and chic. The stenciling on the wall was done by hand and the gold framed bed is really the staple of the room. I used dark chocolate to give the room a sense of luxury and comfort. This space is our sanctuary and we treat it as such.


Almost as important as the master bedroom is the closet of course! I am an organization freak. I needed to create a closet that had a space for everything and was easily accessible to both myself and my husband. I drew the mirrored design for the closet doors and created intricate spaces for jewelry, sunglasses, hats, purses, etc. Luckily, the carpenter I hired was ready and willing to take on a new project with a woman who knew exactly what she wanted. I created a similar, smaller sized version of my closet in my oldest daughter’s room. She loves that we have matching closet doors.

Just off the master is a lovely balcony that has the perfect indoor/outdoor feel. Cream geometric tiles line the walls of the balcony. The outdoor bed and fireplace make this space my favorite place to read a good book or study a script.


Down stairs I created playroom for my girls. It was by far the best idea I had for the entire house. Having a space that is centrally located for the girls to play and keep all of their toys, book, etc. is key to a neat freak’s happiness. The girls also have a swing in their playroom and they love to watch Beauty and the Beast and swing away. I assure you, Belle has never looked better!

We added some walls to create an off the living room. Having a space thatis specificly for work really helps both my husband and myself stay focused. The offceis lined head to toe in white wainscoting giving the room a clean feel that is conducive to a productive work environment. My favorite part of the room is the airplane wing desk. My husband is a pilot, so it was a perfect incorporation into our offce.

Upon entering our home you are greeted with our all white piano room. The piano in this room has been passed down from my husband’s parents and is the staple of the room. Our oldest daughter Sophia is currently taking piano lessons and we so enjoy turning on the fireplace and listening to her practice in our sleek and chic piano room. With two kids, I am surprised the room is still white.

Taking to the outdoors, well at least to our backyard, is one of our favorite things to do. We love entreating and having our friends and their sweet children over for swimming, BBQ’s and fun. Summers are spent in the pool and my girls can spend the entire day swimming and pretending they are mermaids. In the evenings we enjoy dining al fresco and enjoying the twinkling lights of the city. We incorporated Birds of Paradise into our backyard as my girls think they are such a fun and adorable flower. The pretend conversations my little ones have with these “birds” are just too precious.

Chic, cozy, glam and comfortable aren’t always words that go together; finding the right balance and mix between them was challenging at times, but I am happy with the outcome. My family has shared many laughs, snuggles, silliness and love in our home and I am excited to continue making new memories in this place I call home.