It is the hope of Compassion PT to provide physical therapy services in impoverished areas to people who are underprivileged and underserved while sharing the love of Christ and living out the gospel made possible by the donations of others who believe we are called to “touch lives, bring hope”

Another company that I am proud to be involved with is Compassion Physical Therapy.  Natalie Winblad, one of the organizations founders, has created a place where people with severe physical ailments can come and receive free treatment. They currently have facilities in Kenya and in Mexicali.

I am partnering with this organization and am very excited to be included in their next service trip. Compassion PT has a mission to join with existing clinics in underserved parts of the globe and bring much needed physical therapy whilst training and employing local therapists to provide care.

These words from Natalie really hit home for me, “It can be the difference between a child left o the dirt floor for his entire life because he needed some help learning mobility or a little girl with cerebral palsy who can now sit and hold her head up because a therapist fashioned a neck brace. There are many forgotten people whose lives could be radically improved with the help of a therapist.” Compassion PT is not only working to rehabilitate people through physical therapy, they are dedicated to sharing God’s love with the world.