Daughters of Cambodia exists to empower those trapped in the sex industry to walk free and start a new life, with healing, dignity and the means to prosper.

I am very passionate about putting a stop to human trafficking and rehabilitating the victims (some just children) of this horrific crime. Daughters of Cambodia is an organization that is doing great work in the human trafficking space. This organization is changing lives for victims of sex trafficking.

My brother-in-law spent time in Cambodia working with this organization and I never even knew that this type of horrific sex trafficking was happening. 21 year old me was a bit naive. I was introduced to this crewel reality of sex trafficking and I still can’t believe that a human being could ever treat another human being, much less a child in this detestable way. This doesn’t just happen in other countries, it is prevalent here in the US as well and¬† hits very close to home in Los Angeles.

I have spent time raising money and donating to the rehabilitation of victims of this horrible time. Daughters of Cambodia empowers girls trapped in sex trafficking to start a new life. They offer job training and employment to these women and girls. They also offer education, social programs, counseling and much more. They are currently expanding to the Philippines and Australia.