We strive to provide a loving home to the poor and orphaned and to give HOPE to the oppressed, EDUCATION to the disadvantaged, CHOICES for the future and SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION above all.

On a recent trip to Thailand, I had the opportunity to visit The Light House Children’s Home in Chiang Mai. I met founder and care taker of this home, Terra Yito. She is a Southern California native (where I am from) and she founded The Lighthouse in 2009. She has built a beautiful facility for these abandoned, orphaned and/or impoverished children.

During my visit, I toured the facility, played games with the kids, sang songs, picked flowers and played with a Polaroid camera I brought. The children loved taking pictures of each other and really relished the opportunity to keep the Polaroids. We met a sweet six year old boy who had three of his fingers blown off because he wasn’t being watched at home and was playing with fireworks. Many of these children have parents who are in jail, parents who were trafficking their children or no parents at all.

The Light House is a safe place where they have the opportunity to go to school, feel loved and safe and pursue dreams that might otherwise have been impossible. The spirit of these children is truly inspiring and up lifting. They are full of life. My husband and I will be supporting Terra in her efforts to care for these children and more. She has hopes of opening another facility. The Light House Children’s Home has made such a radical change in these children’s lives, and it comes full circle as spending time with these children has made a radical change in my life.