Rainbows, sparkles, pink and unicorns are what little girls are made of, right? I am not sure if this is true for every little girl, but it certainly is for my two sweet girls. When it came to decorating their rooms, I wanted them to be beautiful, fun and practical; after all, they have to use their rooms daily. I am an “everything needs to be in its place just so” type of girl. My kids have forced me to change my way of thinking on this matter. With kids, things are never placed just so, instead they are askew. And you know what, that’s ok. My new motto is let them be little.

For Juliet’s nursery (pictured above), I went with a light pink and grey theme. The pink is just so that it looks like cotton candy draped on her walls. I chose grey rocking chairs and coordinating lacquered grey shelving. My absolute favorite part of Juliet’s room is the wainscoting that runs halfway up the wall. I drew out the design and my contractor executed it perfectly. The paint colors and design add something special to the room. I have trouble with white walls, they make me feel nothing and I want each room in my house to make me feel a certain way. Juliet’s room feels calming, peaceful and dreamy; perfect for a 2 year old.

My 5 year old has a big and beautiful personality. She is the star of the show and lights up a room, so her space needed to be a picture of that. Sophia’s room is bright and funky. Bright pink, sparkle fushia, light pink and orange are all staples in my littles room. Sparkles were actually added to one of the paint colors so that her walls would have that bling bling look. A stage was constructed so Sophia could perform whenever the moment struck her. Like mother, like daughter. Her bed is literally fit for princess. It is a castle bed complete with a slide, book nook and lighted cubbies. Her custom closet was designed by me, as her room originally had no closet.

I used a mirrored pattern on her doors that add to the overall princess feel of the space. Velvet lined drawers and a necklace pull out slider were included in the closet for all Sophia’s costume jewelry handed down from yours truly. She also has some beautiful pieces from my late grandmother. These needed a special space to be displayed. The girls have had many memories full of giggles and joy in this room; cheers to many more.