Summers are made for traveling; that’s my motto! My husband and I pack up our family and for one month each year we go and live in another country. Last year it was Rome, this year it was Prague. And boy, let me tell you, we haven’t struck out yet! Prague feels like a cross between a quaint European escape and Main Street at Disneyland. It has beauty and adventure lurking around every corner. I relish the opportunity to explore new lands with my two young daughters and my man. Traveling with little ones can be a challenge, but my daughters are making great strides and becoming quite the travel pros.

Prague has much to offer in the way of culture, history, family fun and culinary delights. One of my favorite features about this summer destination is the weather. We saw most days in the high 70’s and it was just a dream. That is the perfect temperature to set out and explore. Walking by the river and finding multiple parks for my girls to enjoy were some of our favorite days. Prague castle looks like it was drawn by Walt Disney and magically appeared in Prague. Its architecture is only upstaged by its overwhelming beauty. One could spend a whole day exploring the castle and its lovely surroundings. Charles Bridge is another gem that is not to be missed. It connects the old town with the rest of the city and has stunning river views on either side.

Our apartment was near the culturally rich Jewish quarter of town and just a few blocks from the main square. The square is surrounded by a picturesque church, clock tower, and many beautifully designed buildings. In the main square, you can see street performers at all times. My girls particularly loved the bubble makers, cheerleaders, and horses in the square.  We spent a lot of time getting gelato from a local vendor and watching various acts perform in the square.

Now let’s get to the good stuff: the food. The divine culinary choices are endless. I suggest starting your trip with a food tour to give you a good overview of your choices and the city. We chose Taste of Prague ( based on some fabulous Trip Advisor reviews. They did not disappoint. Our small group toured casual stops, wine and beer shops, upscale establishments and quirky new-aged spots. The best part about this tour is they give you a food guide book at the end that outlines the best spots in town. As long as you eat at the spots in this book, you will have zero food misses in Prague. Some of my favorites include La Degustation, a laid back Michelin-starred culinary experience, Grand Cru, a beautifully designed open air style restaurant with funky food and impeccable service and Cafe Savoy, a lovely cafe that rivals any fancy Paris bistro. And if you happen to have a date night or are kid free, be sure to check out Hemingway Bar, L’Fleur or Cash Only Bar. These spots are all different in atmosphere, but each have truly fantastic drink creations and excellent service.

Our trip flew by and I am grateful for each experience and accompanying memory. Prague’s magic and leisurely feel has us longing for another stroll by the river or taste of gelato made into a flower. Where will our travels take us next? Only time will tell.